Fall Light Coats Are Necessary in Fall Supermodel KK Is Beautiful in Them

The clothes worn between fall and winter should be light and thin. Below are some tips from supermodel Karlie Kloss’ fall light coat in the early fall. If you can choose the simple and practical item and know some collocation tips, you will be attractive.

The Supermodel Also Likes One for All–Lightweight Dust Coat

Fall light coats are very suitable to wear in a windy day. Supermodel Karlie Kloss who with long legs has been wearing the same green dust cost for a few days.

Spring Light Coat -1

Lapel Removable Tie Pocket Vented Wrap Trench Coat

Lapel Removable Tie Pocket Vented Wrap Trench Coat

Dust coats with lightweight do not put focus on the straight profile shape. These fall light outerwears are very comfortable and have full of energy. And white T-shirt and denim skirts are both the chic clothes with higher cost performance which are girls can spend little money to get. When they are matched with a pair of white shoes, the whole look of you will be perfect.

Spring Light Coat -2

When the weather is a bit colder, you can put on a little black dress in a Fall light outfit. However, you should pay attention to the detail when you make even the simplest collocation. The length of the black dress must be short than the coat. Only by wearing like this, your legs will seem longer.

Lapel Slit Pockets Plain Duster Woolen Coat

Lapel Slit Pockets Plain Duster Woolen Coat

Prevent from the Sun & Show Your Beautiful Legs–Fall Light Coats+ Light Dresses

Compared to the lightweight of a dust coat, fall light coat+dresses are more suitable for the lazy girls.

Spring Light Coat -3

The winter is coming soon. The long dresses will play a very important position. If you want to be gorgeous, you should learn from KK. Like her, you can undo a few buttons of the dress on the thigh vent.  By wearing this kind of light coat,  you can show your beautiful legs and make a nice figure visually.

Spring Light Coat -4

Knitwear, this fall light coat is also the best item to match long dresses and if the two clothes are in the same color system, you will look thinner than you really are. The girls with beautiful legs can never miss this style.

To Wear What to Follow the Fashion to Go Out–Sports Tights

The every look of Karlie Kloss when she is going to do sports are all beautiful. Sports tights are her favorite item. When these kind of fall light coats are matched with hoodies and sunglasses from famous brands, they are no less than any other item.

Spring Light Coat -5

Spring Light Coat -6

The see-through floral-print tights are suitable to match with pure color fall light coats.



Afraid of Being Fat When Wear a White Dress? 4 Tips for You to Become Tall Lady

Simple White Dresses–Remodelling Golden Proportion

 White Dress-1

A perfect white dress can cover all the shortcomings of your body. Thick legs and fat waist are not the problems. There are kinds of white maxi dresses and they can be easily matched with other clothes. The extra-long white dresses are most suitable to be a tall lady. If you want to remodel your golden proportion, you just need a belt around your waist.

Plain Elegant Round Neck Maxi-Dress

Plain Elegant Round Neck Maxi-Dress

 White Dress-2

This year the halterneck white dresses are becoming popular again and the white cutout design is suitable for wearing during vacation.

Plain Bowknot Lovely Halter Skater-Dress

Plain Bowknot Lovely Halter Skater-Dress

 White Dress-3

The white lace dresses have already been fashionable all over the world. The lace dress with a V-neck and fine condole belt is very sexy and delicate. It has been favored by celebrities of fashion.

V Neck Hollow Out Plain Evening-Dress

V Neck Hollow Out Plain Evening-Dress

A-line Umbrella Skirts or Dresses with a Waist Line–Covering Your belly

Because of the unique design on the hem, A-line umbrella dresses will make your upper body seem very slim. A-line umbrella dresses are not only decent but also make you charming. Many fashion people choose this kind of dress to go out since an A-line umbrella dress with a high heel are beautiful enough.

 White Dress-4

White dresses with cute pleated design in Boho style are very suitable for travel.

 White Dress-5

Taylor Swift is always the fans of little white dresses. Her loved mini length will make you have more long legs.

Hollow Out Plain Striped Nifty V Neck Skater-Dress

Hollow Out Plain Striped Nifty V Neck Skater-Dress

H-line White Dresses–the Good News for Pear Shape

 White Dress-6

H-line white dresses are designed in the straight shape from the top to the bottom. They have some profile design but are not too oversize, which can cover your body’s parts with weight. They will easily make you look stylish and slim.

Crew Neck Hollow Out Plain Bodycon-Dress

Crew Neck Hollow Out Plain Bodycon-Dress

 White Dress-7

The lace H-line white dresses are sweet and elegant. The dresses bottom’s wave design will make you look charming. And when you match a lace H-line white dress with a nude high heel, your legs will be lengthened visually.

Tight White Dresses–Helping You Have a Hot Look

 White Dress-8

Of course, if you have a hot and nice body, you must choose this tight white dress. Because no matter what you match it with, you will always look beautiful.

V Neck Chiffon Hollow Out Patchwork Side Slit Evening Dress

V Neck Chiffon Hollow Out Patchwork Side Slit Evening Dress

 White Dress-9

Gigi Hadid choose the simple white dress which is with nothing decoration but very elegant. The tight design shows her nice and hot figure perfectly.

If you have learned this 4 tips and choose white dresses according to your body shape, you will be the focus even everyone around are wearing white dresses.

Fashionmia White Dresses

The Tips for Long Denim Jackets Will Make You be Fashionable People

Long denim jackets are the most popular clothes in the spring. Especially the weather of spring is changeable, so we should take a nice and practical long denim jacket with us at hand. The problem is what a long denim jacket should be matched with when we want to look beautiful. Let’s have a look!

Collocation 1: a long denim jacket+ a vest+ a denim shorts

Nice tailored long denim jackets will make you have a good figure. When matching them with simple black vest and white denim shorts, you will look stylish, fresh and you will have a tall figure.


Collocation 2: a long denim jacket+ canvas shoes

Maxi denim jackets with classic fading design will load your personalities. When matching them with a grey pencil skirt, you will look concise, relaxed and elegant. Moreover, this collocation will make you have a tall figure. Or you can match a long denim jacket with a black pencil pant. They are perfectly matched and will make you look thin. You had better choose a ninth pant and white shoes to match a long denim jacket, which will show your fine ankle and make you look fresh, cool and young.


Collocation 3: a long denim jacket+ Stripe t shirts

Long denim jackets have the quality of suits’ straightness and denim jackets’ handsome quality. When matching them with stripe T-shirts, you will have a retro fashionable look.


Pink Is Popular Around the World And Become the Trend Color of 2016

A few months ago, Pantone company released trend color 2016 is crystal powder and quiet blue, and pinterest user pined the most is the crystal powder. The runways at 2016 Spring Fashion Week is mostly pink. Left: CHANEL 2016 spring and summer; middle: GUCCI 2016 spring and summer; right: Tibi 2016 spring and summer.

trendy color 2016-1

Stars also love pink. Jenner Kendall usually loves black, white and ash. She also worn a lot of pink with different styles in 2015!

trendy color 2016-2

So, how to wear chic color 2016 (pink) fashionable? Below tells you collocation skills.

1. Fairy Style

This year, no matter is big brand on the runway or the general public brand are many of these fairy’s elegant hollow skirt or coat. Optionally pairing with bottoms with the same color or white accessories, it’s very eye-catching.

trendy color 2016-3

① BIYAN lace edging decorated silk ou-gen-yarn top

② MIH JEANS Amas madeira embroidery and cotton linen blended shorts

③ AquaZZURA flocculus dressed raffia fiber sandals

④ MICHAEL KORS pink Patchwork Leather bucket bag

trendy color 2016-4

2. Handsome Casual Style

Don’t like too “feminine”? In fact, pink can also wear Street leisure taste. Pink suit can easily create a handsome shape. The popular bomber jacket can also choose pink style this year, pairing with sport shoes is very chic.

trendy color 2016-5

① Stella McCartney wool crepe vest

② CHAN LUU silver, pearl, diamond necklace

③ JOSEPH New Jagger Shuangzhou wide leg pants

④ KENNETH JAY LANE cubic, rhodium, plated bracelet

⑤ GIANVITO ROSSI buckle leather high heels

trendy color 2016-6

3. French Elegance Style

If don’t like fairy style but want to retain the woman’s temperament, you can choose a naked pink to make a French elegant style. The pink single product mix black and white colors can add feminine. It is better if take minds to select a few accessories.

trendy color 2016-7

① RED valentino crocheted sweater

② FRAME DENIM middle waist jeans

③ CHLOÉ Darcey SWAROVSKI pearl gold ring

④ ETRO bandage type embroidered satin ballet flats

trendy color 2016-8

4.Fashionmia Pink Style



① Ol Lapel Charming Breasted Lapel Bodycon-Dress


③ Women’s L Erickson’s carlett’Teardrop Earrings

④ Adolfo Courrier 18K Rose Gold Ring With Pink Sapphires

⑤ Nude patent leather cut-out lace-up stiletto pumps

See more: http://www.fashionmia.com/bodycon-dresses-70/ 

Super Classical Lace Dress Wear Tips: Lace Dress Mix Jacket Style

What kinds of jacket mixing with lace dress look good? In fact, lace dress can be mixed with many kinds of jacket, mainly depending on its style. In Spring, some simple and elegant jackets can be mixed with lace dress to highlight the shape and keep warm as well.

Lace Dress Mix Small Suit Jacket

Lace dress of ethnic style mixing with small suit jacket in the same color can show a kind of luxury sense in aristocratic era. The slimming effects of this lace dress perfectly highlights the beautiful female body line. It looks very gorgeous and elegant. Coupled with a hat, it has great Queen Fan.

lace dress and jacket tips-1

Lace Dress Mix Leather Jacket

A black leather combined with a white lace dress well neutralized different temperament of these two kinds of costumes. Lace dress is in ladies’ style, and leather jacket is a model of modern domineering. Without the imaginary sense of violation and conflict, the combination, coupled with a pair of black boots, look even more fashionable.

lace dress and jacket tips-2

Lace Dress Mix Denim Jacket

Lace dress mix denim jacket is a kind of commuter wear. White lace dress showing pure temperament mixes with a street style denim jacket, bringing a little bit of fashion trend. Soft trace reveals heroic spirit, and heroic spirit reveals a gentle beauty. Fashion Index is A +.

lace dress and jacket tips-3

The above mentioned are just some examples lace dress collocation skills. In fact, you may find even more lace dress and jacket style tips according to your body shape and characteristics.

Clothes Matching Tips for Looking thin for the Fat in Plus Size Dress

Winter is coming. The people, who are slightly overweight and fat will begin to worry again. In fact, they don’t have to struggle on the issue of body and they can focus on the details of the clothes matching. Many a little fat stars are looked not fat in any time because they are good at collocating. So if you can master some plus size dress tips for the fat in plus size dress, you can also give others a visual thin sense.

Clothes Matching Tips for the Fat-1

Clothes Matching Tip 1 for the Fat: know your figure, adopt your good points and avoid your shortcomings

You should choose suitable plus size dress according to your figure. The strengths of your body should be showed out and the weaknesses of your body should be covered. For example, if your hips and thighs are slightly plump, your tops could be a little longer and the size of your tops should be fit for you instead of being too big. What’s more, if your waist is slim, you can put on a beautiful belt to intersperse around it.

Clothes Matching Tips for the Fat-2

Clothes Matching Tip 2 for the Fat: try to choose clothes with tall waist line to lengthen your look

The second plus size dress tip is when you buy some clothes, you should choose those with tall waist line, which can not only cover the weight of your waist, but also lengthen your lower part of your body. For Example, when you choose some dresses, you should choose A-line skirts, straight skirts and skirts with hem design instead of cake skirts and skirts with many levels around waist and hips. The latter will make you look more fat.

Clothes Matching Tips for the Fat-3

Clothes Matching Tip 3 for the Fat: black clothes will relatively make you look more thin

In general, the too bright color clothes and the clothes with many large flowers are not suitable for the fat.

The third plus size girls dress tip is the pure color or black clothes or a little loose clothes are more good choices for them. Especially the tight tops easily make the fat look plump.

Clothes Matching Tips for the Fat-4

Clothes Matching Tip 4 for the Fat: try to choose v-neck tops

Most chubby girls have a double chin and a thick neck. So when they choose clothes, they should avoid selecting too high collars. They can choose v-neck plus size dresses which can reveal their collarbone or tube dresseswhich will lengthen their necks.

Indispensable Little black party dresses For You At The End-Of-Year Parties

From the beginning of Audrey Hepburn wearing little black party dresses, the little black party dresses have always been the classic synonymous with purity and elegance,you can choose a little black dress, going to a Splendid banquet.

French socialite little black evening dresses


French socialite little black party dresses make of Italian imported Nylon Rome cloth which is luxurious and noble,the style of the black evening dresses is slimming which has good effect to shelter you fat.

Elegant cocktail dresses


Elegant cocktail dresses are the combination of romance and elegance which show the charm of women and lace, classic small collar and small pendulum skirt which remain the grace under the connotation of beauty.

Fishtail yarn knee knit dresses


Pretty thick fabrics and slightly soft yarn of the hem give the dresses enough grace and fluidity.wearing a pair of boots, put your hair down with a wool scarf walking on the Paris streets you will look like a French elegant woman

Black Doll collar long skirts


Black Doll collar long skirts can paired with anything,little black party dresses which show your a more perfect figure plus with the doll collar which adds the lively and vivid elements make the whole clothes become more lovely.who will be more charming than a lovely woman?

Billowing hem little black waist dress


The upper part of the dress is slender and plus the design of defined waist and billowing hem,the classic style is suitable for anyone.glossy satin looks nobility,which is easy to take good care. Dressing on it show your various aspects,you an be elegant or sexy or cute!

Doll collar horn sleeve knit skirt


The stitching design of young doll collar and big horn sleeves plus the bow tying on the cuffs makes the black evening dresses more elegant, fishtail hem makes the figure more slimming and help showing your feminine.

Pile sleeve knit strapless black party dresses


The strapless knit skirt is comfortable which can be worn in many styles,boat neck can pulled into piles of collar, piles of collar can be one scar.The elegant cocktail dresses can be paired with anything,which are indispensable in every girl’s wardrobe.

Choose several elegant cocktail dresses that suit you,indispensable Little black party dresses will help you be the focus at the end-of-year parties

Four Kinds of Going out Dresses in Natural and Simple Style Which One You Prefer

The natural and simple style has different meanings in different eyes. But this unique style is favored by many people. Let’s have a look on four kinds of going out dresses in this style.

1. The first style is fresh and natural. This kind of going out dresses gives people a fresh and natural feeling. The material of the dresses is soft and the color is pure and clean.

Going Out Dresses-1

The classic cotton and linen long dresses is simple and fresh. The material of these long dresses is soft and will not make the dresses look heavy. Just like the shirts, these long dresses without redundant decoration are the basic dresses in the natural and simple style.

2. The second style is beautiful with a warm feeling.

Going Out Dresses-2

The sweet cartoon embroidery going out dresses give a sweet impression for people. The color of them is light and the embroidery on the chest add some literary and artistic feeling. And the falbala design is just right and will not make the dresses look redundancy.

Going Out Dresses-3

The fresh printed going out dresses has unique printed chiffon, which make people elegant. The fresh design and the warm color with allover give people a feeling of spring.

3. The third style refers to the dresses with Oriental elements.

Going Out Dresses-4

The improved temperament Hanfu going out dresses has some Chinese elements.  The double design makes the dresses have weeping sense. And the high waist line and the ribbon belt add some elegant sense for the dresses.

4. The fourth style refers to the dresses with elements of the old age and ethnic elements.

Going Out Dresses-5

The retro England college summer dresses with sleeves are very classic. The lapel collar design makes the dresses look stereo and the waist belt make the waist line highlighted. The overall feeling is pure and fresh.

Going Out Dresses-6

The retro baroque printed going out dresses has beautiful turquoise printing, which is full of exotic feeling. The type of the dresses is very nice and the material is light, which is very suitable for summer. And if you match it with braid hair, you will be more beautiful.

How to Choose the Right Style Of Casual Black Dresses

For some girls who get more fat in their arms, the plus size sundresses seems to be a contraindication, comparing to the casual black dresses, which expose the most fat parts all over the body, that’s the point we cannot accept. But the truth is if you choose the right type of the classy dresses, even a plus size sundress, can make you seem slimmer and more charming, the view we talked before is generalizing, we can see some types next.

We all know that the suit fabrics are particularly crisp, using them makes the fabrics of the plus size sundresses more special and more superior. This type of classy dresses has the hang down suitable feeling and glossy, because the fabrics of the lining is real close to the real silk, the hemlines are also made of the fabrics. The A-line type fits pear-shaped girls perfectly.

the right type of plus size sundresses dress you slimmer-1

The bitter fleabane has the function of making your legs looks long and slim, the classy dresses with the fabrics of organza can get the same effect, combing with the bright colors also makes the plus size sundresses with floral beautiful.

the right type of plus size sundresses dress you slimmer-2

The plus size sundresses with the design of knit fabrics is always the best choice to make one look slimmer, holding a fork in the side of the classy dresses makes you be different, nice, cool and feminine, just like the casual black dresses does.

the right type of plus size sundresses dress you slimmer-3

The retro deep claret moved me, combining with the design of cutting and splicing beneath the waist and the pleated hemlines, which makes the plus size sundresses dress us slimmer visually.

the right type of plus size sundresses dress you slimmer-4