Mommy Jeans Rise to be Fashion Trend

Origination of Name of Mommy Jeans

Why does it call mommy jeans? Just because the style of stylish mommy jeans is similar to old jeans style in 80’s and 90’s years, with high-waist, straight-leg and ankle-length. It is the representative fashion product for 80’s. The design of fashion mommy jeans stands for both relaxation of psychology and body.



Mommy Jeans Mix Scarf

A silk scarf can help you get rid of old style and create a fashion look. Baseball jacket matches a slight scarf perfectly which could be top fashion look.


Pockets Denim Jeans

Pockets Denim Jeans

Mommy Jeans Mix Ankle Boots

Maybe someone think ankle boots are not fit for trousers, but it is true that the ankle boots perfectly match fashion mommy jeans. The chunky ankle boots seem to be the best choice.


Pocket Light Wash Slim-Leg Mid-Rise Jean

Pocket Light Wash Slim-Leg Mid-Rise Jean

A Waistband Make Mommy Jeans Attractive Look

The waistband is not only functional but also making attractive match for the whole look. Straight-leg jeans are not focus on waist, so a waistband embellish the the jeans well and show the figure.


Rough Selvedge Denim Plain Jeans

Color Matching Create Vintage Mommy Jeans

People are enchanted by Vintage fashion mommy jeans not because of extravagant design but its vintage style in retro color, including mustard, scarlet and moccasin. To make comfort look, retro color should be mixed with modern design.



Pockets Denim JeansPockets Denim Jeans

Charming Items Make Perfect Look with Stylish Mommy Jeans

Mixmatching can be the best way to create good look as the temperature goes up. Stylish fashion mommy jeans fit for any tops such as V neck T-shirt and off-the-shoulder blouses.


Pockets Side Split High-Rise Straight Denim Jeans

Pockets Side Split High-Rise Straight Denim Jeans

Maxi Dresses Suit For The Person To Cover The Weight And You Can Have A Try

Girls love maxi dresses because the elegant feelings, all girls are fairies without wings and the maxi dresses give us the feelings of find the lost wings; All girls should be flowers and the floral maxi dresses give us the feelings of find the same kinds; All girls should be like water plants flowing with the water and the maxi dresses give us the feelings of on the right locations; we love rotate with floral maxi dresses and it give us the feelings of being a blossom flower and we find the home.

Winter comes but the lose weight schedule not succeed, how to maintain the perfect and slim image is very important. It’s time to struggle with the time and the weight or we can cover the not slim part and the maxi dress is the best weapon.

It doesn’t matter you have no perfect calf lines and the hip package maxi dresses could help you to modify your leg lines. The batwing sleeves combine with the hip package maxi dresses can make you tall and elegant.

Batwing Loose Fitting Chiffon Assorted Colors Maxi Dress

Batwing Loose Fitting Chiffon Assorted Colors Maxi Dress

A garden style floral maxi dress is popular in spring. It can help you to peach your heart and make you fresh. High waist maxi dresses match with high heels makes you tall and fresh.

Cape Sleeve Off Shoulder Dacron Floral Printed Maxi-Dress

Cape Sleeve Off Shoulder Dacron Floral Printed Maxi-Dress

Irregular hem white maxi dresses looks elegant and graceful, girls love is because it can make us like angel or the fairy.

Plain Stylish Elegant Brilliant V Neck Maxi-Dress

Plain Stylish Elegant Brilliant V Neck Maxi-Dress

Embroidered white maxi dresses combines the traditional with the modern, the embroidered pattern on the shoulder make it unique.

Embroidery Floral Printed Awesome Round Neck Maxi-Dress

Embroidery Floral Printed Awesome Round Neck Maxi-Dress

Lace collar, soft color makes it beautiful and romantic.

Plain Awesome Halter Maxi-Dress

Plain Awesome Halter Maxi-Dress

Colorful print maxi dresses with the silk material combine together make the dresses full of noble and special.

Short Sleeve Charming V Neck Maxi Dress

Short Sleeve Charming V Neck Maxi Dress

Blue color, and the unique front top design make the one-piece maxi dresses full of layering feel, the rivet decorated belt suit to re-figure the body.

Halter Bohemian Printed Backless Maxi Dress

Halter Bohemian Printed Backless Maxi Dress

Bohemian big hem is the perfect mash up item to match the pure waistcoat or designed crop top. It gives you the feelings of passion and free.

Elastic Waist Plain Mid-Rise Maxi-Skirt

Elastic Waist Plain Mid-Rise Maxi-Skirt

Gray material match with the other materials looks serious and pleasant, the half transparent material also adds the scores of sexy.

Plain Chic Deep V Neck Maxi-Dress

Hollow Out Bowknot Alluring Halter Maxi-Dress

Deep V-neck Dresses Can Send Out The Most Enchanting Woman Flavor

Deep V neckline dress is delicate and romantic, Europe and the United States women prefer v-neck dresses especially, because such clothing can reflect most perfect chest line!

Jenna Dewan Tatum likes to wear light color clothes in hot summer, this gray-blue chiffon low-cut shirt collocates with white cascade skirt, silver hand bag is delicate, petite beauty can try this suit.

Deep V neckline dresses-1

Fashionmia Deep V-Neck Plain High-Slit Evening Dress

Deep V-Neck Plain High-Slit Evening Dress

Rooney Mara’s purple deep V neckline dress is simple and fashionable, shiny hair embodies neutral wind, fair skin collocates with purple dress.

Deep V neckline dresses-2

Fashionmia Asymmetrical Hems V Neck Chiffon Plain Maxi-Dress

Asymmetrical Hems V Neck Chiffon Plain Maxi-Dress

Rose McGowan has wheat color skin & perfect business line, the green sequined princess dress highlights S curve, deep v-neck design is enchanting.

Deep V neckline dresses-3

Fashionmia Plain Split Captivating V Neck Bodycon Dress

Plain Split Captivating V Neck Bodycon Dress

Julianne Hough wears bare yellow low-cut dress with gold sequins decoration all over, with inlaid pearl and gems in waist. Blonde beauty has good sexy gene, a simple POSE can subdue men.

Deep V neckline dresses-4

Fashionmia Surplice Hollow Out Lace Patchwork Bodycon Dress

Surplice Hollow Out Lace Patchwork Bodycon Dress

Eva Longoria’s ivory chiffon deep V neckline dress is beautiful and romantic, elegant skirt matching with delicate makeup promotes beauty temperament, towering bun shows her elegant nobility, diamond earrings highlights high quality life.

Deep V neckline dresses-5

Fashionmia Plain Stylish Elegant Brilliant V Neck Maxi-Dress

Plain Stylish Elegant Brilliant V Neck Maxi-Dress

Malin Akerman’s pure and fresh white deep V neckline dress sends out the youth vigor, with small rivets adornment on the skirt. Female friends also have a handsome side.

Deep V neckline dresses-6

Fashionmia Embroidery Patchwork Plain Sleveless Bodycon Dress

Embroidery Patchwork Plain Sleveless Bodycon Dress

Zoe Saldana’s black evening dress distributes mystery, the perspective effect in waist highlights the charm, beauty with chocolate color skin looks rather attractive in this perspective dress.

Deep V neckline dresses-7

Fashionmia V Neck Dacron Plain Seethrough Skater Dress

V Neck Dacron Plain Seethrough Skater Dress

Solange Knowles’ yellow low-cut dress gives summer feel, distinctive modeling lets a person never forgets, bright color clothes challenge your visual nerve.

Deep V neckline dresses-8

Fashionmia Yellow Printed V Neck Bodycon-Dress

Yellow Printed V Neck Bodycon-Dres

Sara Rue: low-cut black tunic dress is delicate, shiny metallic fabrics promote the whole dress, the big diamond ring on her finger is very domineering.

Deep V neckline dresses-9

Fashionmia Plain Absorbing V Neck Skater Dress Plain Absorbing V Neck Skater Dress

Valerie Bertinelli’s dark brown low-cut dress collocates with straw hat, ladies summer dress is show in front of you, the brown leather bag is rather portable and practical.

 Deep V neckline dresses-10

Fashionmia V Neck Dacron Plain Cocktail-Dress

V Neck Dacron Plain Cocktail-Dress

Janet Jackson’s white deep V evening dress is romantic, graceful sexy is shown, not thoroughly, but in casual reveal.

Deep V neckline dresses-11

Fashionmia Hollow Out Plain Cross Straps Captivating V Neck Maxi-Dress

Hollow Out Plain Cross Straps Captivating V Neck Maxi-Dress

Malin Akerman’s black evening V-neck dress highlights proud breasts, beautiful golden long hair looks like a doll, barbie in reality is more popular.

Deep V neckline dresses-12

Fashionmia Plain Alluring V Neck Bodycon-Dress

Plain Alluring V Neck Bodycon-Dress

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90s Fashion In Nowadays And We Can Learn Fashion From Our Mother

Do you find that we can find lots of the fashion items in mother’s closet? We can find the fashion elements in mother’s closet no matter the choker, the suit, the Bib pants or the high waist jeans. That means the fashion round back to 90s fashion and we can recycle mother’s cloths and learn from mom. What’s the fashion in 90s?

1. 90s fashion- Heroin Chic of Supermodel

The word of Supermodel happened in 90s and became popular all over the world. The models look slim and decadent but have the special sexy attractive. And the slim model also from that time.

The 90s outfits always prepared for the skinny person.


Beading Spaghetti Strap Cotton Plain Camisole











2. 90s fashion- Casual Chic

Casual Chic also popular in 90s fashion and people love to pursue the feelings of comfortable and enjoyable. People love to wear long loose sweater plus legging in home and can walk on the street by adding the boot.



Crew Neck Vented Printed Sweater

3. 90s fashion- Grunge Look

Grunge used to be the music style but also the cloths style in nowadays. Dirty guitar, heavy drum and the slow temple make it wired harmonious and you can imagine the style like that: high waist jeans, martin boots, band T-shirts, broken hole silk socks.


One Shoulder Letters Printed Long Sleeve T-Shirt

4. 90s fashion- Sexy School Girl

What will be looks like while school match with sexy and the city? Scotch mini skirt, long silk socking and heavy platform shoes looks pure and sexy.


Double Breasted Plaid A-Line Mid-Rise Waist Mini-Skirt

5. 90s fashion- Glamour Look

Suits, black dresses, slip dress plus tight white T are suit for cocktail party very well.



Halter Blended Assorted Colors Evening Dress

6. 90s fashion- Matching Set

Matching set is suit for office anytime in 90s fashion and now we love to wear it without inside and shoulder pad.


Comfortable Lapel Plain Blazers

Learn Wide-legs Pants Mix Tips From Icons

Regarded as the hottest fashion item, wide-leg pants are seen all over the street. Are you still worried about mix issue? Now let’s see some wide-leg pants mix tips for you. Becoming an icon in a second is no longer a dream.

wide-leg pants 2Wide-leg pants 1

Wide-leg pants mix street snap tip 1:

Recently, Karlie kloss shows on street, wearing black laser sunglasses, white T-shirt and a navy blue high-waist fashion wide-leg pants. Her white sneakers and grey motocross bag add some handsome feeling. Putting white shirt in pants makes her legs look longer. Navy blue wide-leg pants lengthen her legs perfectly.

Wide-leg pants 3Wide-leg pants 4

Wide-leg pants mix street snap tip 2:

Coincidently, Karlie Kloss wears wide-leg pants in another street snap as well, but this time is a black one. Still a black laser sunglasses with white T-shirt and white sneakers, but add a blue number stamping jean coat.

Different wide-leg pants absolutely have different mix methods. The blue jean coat look is a different style from the former one, shows more dashing aura and casual.


Wide-leg pants mix street snap tip 3:

Besides Karlie kloss, Claudia Galanti in wide-leg pants shows in Milan. Wearing silvery frame sunglasses and white wind coat, white  rivet T-shirt, matching white wide-leg pants and apricot sandal. White pants, white T-shirt and white wind coat, maybe only she can combine the items perfectly. By the way, rivet T-shirt is a new trend of women’s T-shirts style.


Wide-leg pants mix street snap tip 4:

You must think only long legs could control wide-leg style, and now we offer some tips for you.

Maybe bud head with a black sunglasses is a good match. Wearing a black leather jacket and blue wide-leg pants is outstanding as well.

Do you like our wide-legs pants mix tips? Choose a fashion wide-leg pants now!

Bodycon Skirts Mix Tops Tips Few Steps To Become Icon

Girls love wearing lovely skirts to show their beautiful body shape, so bodycon skirts is a good choice. Then which kind of top is suitable for bodycon skirts?  Here are some bodycon Skirts and Tops Tips for you. Let’s see it !

bodycon skirts and tops tips 1

Bodycon Skirts Mix Tops:

1. Low profile black chiffon matches high-waisted bodycon skirts, charming and grace.

2. Doll collar corset matches bodycon skirt shows femininity and purity. Doll collar shows special innocent and grace as well.

3. Skirt hem is the hottest item, and among all, vintage tyle match shirts shows fashion temperament. Here bodycon skirts mix tops could lift your waist line, showing perfect body shape.

bodycon skirts and tops tips 2

4. White alphabet T-shirt is a typical summer casual look, matching high-waist lotus bodycon skirt, refreshing. Tiny lotus hem looks cute on you.

5. Light color chiffon with exaggerated court design, this kind of loose design make you looks capable and experienced.

6. Bodycon skirt is a must for graceful lady. It is a good match for office lady, showing maturity.

7. Black deep-V or navel exposed shirt matches bright color bodycon skirt, fashionable and grace. It is a good choice for a new season.

Do you like our Bodycon Skirts Mix Advice? We would update more fashion tips for you later.

Five Top Fashion Bloggers in 2016 Your Dress Model in the Future Will Be Them

There are always some new faces appearing in the fashion circle. Even the bloggers who are our models to refer to in clothing are changing all the time. Here are five top fashion bloggers with practical style. It is time to follow them.

Fashion Blogger Style-1

Recommended Top Fashion Blogger 1: Zanita Morgan

The Number of Fans in Ins: 290000

This top fashion blogger comes from Australia and has been in the model industry for 7 years, which makes her become better and better at being a fashion blogger. She can not only take photos, but also is always attractive, natural and comfortable. She pays attention to the colors’ matching and use in clothes collocation. Her style is unique no matter when she is wearing soft and sexy dresses or handsome and neutral trousers.

Fashion Blogger Style-2

Fashion Blogger Style-3

Recommended Top Fashion Blogger 2: Nicole Warne

The Number of Fans in Ins: 1500000

When you see her, you must not be strange with her. This top fashion blogger always shows in the fashion weeks. She has a typical Asian face. This fashion blogger style is retro and elegant style and she often use cheap items to match with vintage items. And you can see her beautiful styles all over the world.

Fashion Blogger Style-4

Fashion Blogger Style-5

Recommended Top Fashion Blogger 3: Chriselle Lim

The Number of Fans in Ins: 5700000

She is also an Asian top fashion blogger and is slim and beautiful. She always looks strong and cool. She follows the concise style but puts her taste in them. She puts a focus on the symmetry and echo between elements.

Fashion Blogger Style-6

Fashion Blogger Style-7

Recommended Top Fashion Blogger 4: Masha Sedgwick

The Number of Fans in Ins: 4900000

This top fashion blogger dress is modern and delicate and is worth learning for every girl. Her every collocation are all very harmonious and comfortable. The single items are all basic, but when put them together, the look is perfect.

Fashion Blogger Style-8

Fashion Blogger Style-9

Recommended Top Fashion Blogger 5: Masha Sedgwick

The Number of Fans in Ins: 7400000

The last top fashion blogger is a German blogger. Her style has a strong visual shock. She is very cool and sexy. Her chic white hair is suitable for any clothes. Her concise style is in accordance with the popular Normcore style.

Fashion Blogger Style-10

Fall Light Coats Are Necessary in Fall Supermodel KK Is Beautiful in Them

The clothes worn between fall and winter should be light and thin. Below are some tips from supermodel Karlie Kloss’ fall light coat in the early fall. If you can choose the simple and practical item and know some collocation tips, you will be attractive.

The Supermodel Also Likes One for All–Lightweight Dust Coat

Fall light coats are very suitable to wear in a windy day. Supermodel Karlie Kloss who with long legs has been wearing the same green dust cost for a few days.

Spring Light Coat -1

Lapel Removable Tie Pocket Vented Wrap Trench Coat

Lapel Removable Tie Pocket Vented Wrap Trench Coat

Dust coats with lightweight do not put focus on the straight profile shape. These fall light outerwears are very comfortable and have full of energy. And white T-shirt and denim skirts are both the chic clothes with higher cost performance which are girls can spend little money to get. When they are matched with a pair of white shoes, the whole look of you will be perfect.

Spring Light Coat -2

When the weather is a bit colder, you can put on a little black dress in a Fall light outfit. However, you should pay attention to the detail when you make even the simplest collocation. The length of the black dress must be short than the coat. Only by wearing like this, your legs will seem longer.

Lapel Slit Pockets Plain Duster Woolen Coat

Lapel Slit Pockets Plain Duster Woolen Coat

Prevent from the Sun & Show Your Beautiful Legs–Fall Light Coats+ Light Dresses

Compared to the lightweight of a dust coat, fall light coat+dresses are more suitable for the lazy girls.

Spring Light Coat -3

The winter is coming soon. The long dresses will play a very important position. If you want to be gorgeous, you should learn from KK. Like her, you can undo a few buttons of the dress on the thigh vent.  By wearing this kind of light coat,  you can show your beautiful legs and make a nice figure visually.

Spring Light Coat -4

Knitwear, this fall light coat is also the best item to match long dresses and if the two clothes are in the same color system, you will look thinner than you really are. The girls with beautiful legs can never miss this style.

To Wear What to Follow the Fashion to Go Out–Sports Tights

The every look of Karlie Kloss when she is going to do sports are all beautiful. Sports tights are her favorite item. When these kind of fall light coats are matched with hoodies and sunglasses from famous brands, they are no less than any other item.

Spring Light Coat -5

Spring Light Coat -6

The see-through floral-print tights are suitable to match with pure color fall light coats.



Afraid of Being Fat When Wear a White Dress? 4 Tips for You to Become Tall Lady

Simple White Dresses–Remodelling Golden Proportion

 White Dress-1

A perfect white dress can cover all the shortcomings of your body. Thick legs and fat waist are not the problems. There are kinds of white maxi dresses and they can be easily matched with other clothes. The extra-long white dresses are most suitable to be a tall lady. If you want to remodel your golden proportion, you just need a belt around your waist.

Plain Elegant Round Neck Maxi-Dress

Plain Elegant Round Neck Maxi-Dress

 White Dress-2

This year the halterneck white dresses are becoming popular again and the white cutout design is suitable for wearing during vacation.

Plain Bowknot Lovely Halter Skater-Dress

Plain Bowknot Lovely Halter Skater-Dress

 White Dress-3

The white lace dresses have already been fashionable all over the world. The lace dress with a V-neck and fine condole belt is very sexy and delicate. It has been favored by celebrities of fashion.

V Neck Hollow Out Plain Evening-Dress

V Neck Hollow Out Plain Evening-Dress

A-line Umbrella Skirts or Dresses with a Waist Line–Covering Your belly

Because of the unique design on the hem, A-line umbrella dresses will make your upper body seem very slim. A-line umbrella dresses are not only decent but also make you charming. Many fashion people choose this kind of dress to go out since an A-line umbrella dress with a high heel are beautiful enough.

 White Dress-4

White dresses with cute pleated design in Boho style are very suitable for travel.

 White Dress-5

Taylor Swift is always the fans of little white dresses. Her loved mini length will make you have more long legs.

Hollow Out Plain Striped Nifty V Neck Skater-Dress

Hollow Out Plain Striped Nifty V Neck Skater-Dress

H-line White Dresses–the Good News for Pear Shape

 White Dress-6

H-line white dresses are designed in the straight shape from the top to the bottom. They have some profile design but are not too oversize, which can cover your body’s parts with weight. They will easily make you look stylish and slim.

Crew Neck Hollow Out Plain Bodycon-Dress

Crew Neck Hollow Out Plain Bodycon-Dress

 White Dress-7

The lace H-line white dresses are sweet and elegant. The dresses bottom’s wave design will make you look charming. And when you match a lace H-line white dress with a nude high heel, your legs will be lengthened visually.

Tight White Dresses–Helping You Have a Hot Look

 White Dress-8

Of course, if you have a hot and nice body, you must choose this tight white dress. Because no matter what you match it with, you will always look beautiful.

V Neck Chiffon Hollow Out Patchwork Side Slit Evening Dress

V Neck Chiffon Hollow Out Patchwork Side Slit Evening Dress

 White Dress-9

Gigi Hadid choose the simple white dress which is with nothing decoration but very elegant. The tight design shows her nice and hot figure perfectly.

If you have learned this 4 tips and choose white dresses according to your body shape, you will be the focus even everyone around are wearing white dresses.

Fashionmia White Dresses

The Tips for Long Denim Jackets Will Make You be Fashionable People

Long denim jackets are the most popular clothes in the spring. Especially the weather of spring is changeable, so we should take a nice and practical long denim jacket with us at hand. The problem is what a long denim jacket should be matched with when we want to look beautiful. Let’s have a look!

Collocation 1: a long denim jacket+ a vest+ a denim shorts

Nice tailored long denim jackets will make you have a good figure. When matching them with simple black vest and white denim shorts, you will look stylish, fresh and you will have a tall figure.


Collocation 2: a long denim jacket+ canvas shoes

Maxi denim jackets with classic fading design will load your personalities. When matching them with a grey pencil skirt, you will look concise, relaxed and elegant. Moreover, this collocation will make you have a tall figure. Or you can match a long denim jacket with a black pencil pant. They are perfectly matched and will make you look thin. You had better choose a ninth pant and white shoes to match a long denim jacket, which will show your fine ankle and make you look fresh, cool and young.


Collocation 3: a long denim jacket+ Stripe t shirts

Long denim jackets have the quality of suits’ straightness and denim jackets’ handsome quality. When matching them with stripe T-shirts, you will have a retro fashionable look.