Victoria Beckham Teach You How To Wear A Blazer

Usually at the first few month of a year there will be a lot of people finding new jobs. Starting at a new workplace can be stressful for anyone, whether you have years of experience or are just beginning your career. Today you can watch how she wears the Victoria Beckham blazer to be a fashion superwomen in office.

Blazer can be the most compatible item with a career girl. Although Victoria Beckham is so skinny and small, whenever she wears a blazer she looks really powerful at once.

Besides the standard black blazer with white blouse, Victoria also likes all black suit like monochrome. She used different materials, like satin hem blazer and patent leather pointed toe shoes to make good layering, looking not boring any more but so much cooler.

Short blazer can lift the waist line, especially for girls who aren’t confident about their height, this item could help you make powerful presence.

Long blazer can make you look like a queen. Better wear heels with it girls.


Chicest Work Outfit Ideas for Autumn

The weather around the country is getting a little fickle, hot at noon, but chilly at morning and night. So how are you gonna plan your autumn wardrobe around that kind of temperature flows—especially when it comes to autumn work wear? Don’t worry, fashion street-style stars got us covered with some chicest work outfit ideas for this autumn, midi skirts, high-waist trousers and even a polished denim look, you name it!

A pencil skirt is always office friendly. Strip off your tights if the office is hot, but a cozy sweater can keep you warm on top, but the whole work outfit will look so much better if you tuck it into the skirt.

Go for a classic skirt, like a vintage pleated midi but with bright color or print to get your work wardrobe ready for autumn. Top it with a simple T-shirt and leather jacket and slip into some classic loafers and you’re good to go.

A midi skirt and sweater combo will not look boring if you add something a little extra to pull the look together, like that statement big belt.

You can also layer a bodysuit or slim T-shirt under your bright autumn dress. They are the perfect transitional work wardrobe essentials!

Match a pair of cropped trousers with heeled ankle booties, leaving just a sliver of exposed skin outside. Add a printed blouse and bright lightweight coat to go to work with some autumntime color.

Keep it simple with high-waist trousers and a top, but seek styles with subtle details that could make them stand out. We love the oversized cuffs and shoulder buttons on that blue striped shirt.

Autumn is the perfect time to go for those white pieces you may have been holding off on. This season, you can try a pair of wide-leg, high-waist pants and silk blouse, and a bright color coat to make it not too white.

In stead of a coat, try adding layers under your suit as the weather begins to change. Button-down shirts paired with sweaters never gets old.

As we can see from the latest fashion shows, denim is a big trend this year, so go for denim for your autumn work outfit mainline if you have a more casual office environment. Top your clean ankle-length jeans with a crisp button-down and classic blazer.

Transitional seasons are the best time to pull out those unconventional knitwear. We love a ribbed sweater dress or skirt-and-top combo, paired with classic ankle booties. Add a belt to accentuate your waist on this chunkier silhouette and look fabulous for work.

4 Trendy Pants You Can’t Miss This Season

Listen up, girls! The most trendy pants of 2016 are here now, there are the hot ones from last year, like flares and wide-leg pants, still favored by a lot of people, also there are ripped jeans and all kinds of bright color pants. Come take a look to see if you can find the one most fitted you for your autumn wardrobe.


The best thing about flares is that it can make your legs look longer. Coming with a lot of fascinating retro smell, flares can make a great match with simple designed blouse and jacket, then you are ready to go to work.

If you wanna wear high heels but don’t like anyone to see the heels, this is where flares come to rescue you, they can totally hide the heels so that people won’t know your actual height. The romantic floral printed cape and blouse paired with the flares is showing great taste.

Wide-Leg Pants

One of our favorite trends to come out of the autumn collections this year is the wide-leg pants. It’s tailored, classic, but boasts a silhouette that turns heads all the same. This wide-leg cropped pants is suitable for any body types making a trendy casual look, even for the short girls (great if you choose a high-waist wide-leg pants).

For extra-wide-leg pants, the high-waist ones will be the best choice for any girls, but make sure you tuck in the top to avoid looking sloppy and to have longer legs in visual. With an exaggerated wide leg, you have total freedom of movement and lots of coverage.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are so in for the latest years. Almost every girl has a pair in their wardrobe because it makes a good basic item. Ripped jeans can makes you look more casual, more street style.

They can be matched with high heels to show some feminine charm but so much cooler with that black bag.

Bright Color Pants

Autumn is the time when everything comes to life, so we need something bright to activate our passion and get rid of long-time depression from winter. How about we try some bright color pants?

A pair bight yellow pants can bring vigor into our life in no time to embrace the autumn with us.

How To Be Fashion in Tracksuit

It was a fashionable thing that women worn tracksuit in the early 2000s. Now you get to do it again because tracksuit is officially back due to the on-going athlesiure trend. The key to wearing this comfy set today is elevating it, so that it doesn’t look like you’re about to head for the gym. You can find ways here to integrate the tracksuit fashion into your off-duty uniform.

1. Rihanna

Only Rihanna can make sweatpants look this good—she paired the tracksuit bottoms with a belly-baring crop top and delicate strappy stilettos for a night out. It may seem like an unusual combo, but she managed to keep the sporty-meets-dressy vibe going by not being distracted from the bright green pants.


Rather than wearing one set head to toe, Hadid mixed different sporty separates and paired with a shiny bodysuit-like top.


Stefani punked up the classic Adidas black-and-white track jacket and tied a red buffalo plaid shirt around her waist, also with a glam pair of oversize shades, and red Timberlands.


Miller used her floral track jacket as any other topper and made it a layering piece over a crop top and striped shirt. Paired with medium washed cuffed jeans, a top handle black bag and bright yellow oxfords, this photo looks fantastic.


Ora pieced together matching tracksuit separates and unzipped the jacket for a sexy plunging neckline to achieve the same fashion tracksuit look.


Trendy Jackets of the Season: Embroidered Bomber Jacket

I believe what holds the girls through the long chilly winter mostly is the much-anticipated pretty autumn clothing. What kind of autumn outerwear will make you look trendy? Kate Moss was wearing a beautiful embroidered bomber jacket form LV Spring 2016 Men’s collection, which have a lot pretty embroidered bomber jacket.

Why men clothing is getting this pretty? Looks like even Kate Moss couldn’t resist its charm.

But Women’s collection also has many embroidered bomber jacket from the latest fashion shows.

These three are from Spring 2016 collection of Jonathan Saunders, Chloe, Stella McCartney and Valentino.

Gucci Fall 2016 has this shiny fabric of embroidered bomber jacket.

So how could we wear this new fashion better?

Heather Boo (American singer/model/actress) matched a similar color shirt to this pink jacket form Chloe Spring 2016 collection.

But here’s a much safer way, you could make the jacket the focus of your whole outfit, other items could go low-key, like plain T and black pants plus black shoes. That jacket in the right pic is from Dries Van Noten.

European girls like Pernille Teisbaek (Danish fashion blogger) and Caroline Blomst (Swedish fashion blogger) were matching in this way. Even the jacket is floral, but the whole outfit looks much cooler.

Although Ece Sukan (Turkish fashion editor) didn’t wear black pants and black shoes, her whole color matching also highlight jacket this key point. Doesn’t it look better than the right picture?

Other than color matching tips, I also recommend white shoes, they could go with everything and could make you look more sporty.

Military Jackets: The Perfect Choice for Autumn Outerwear

These days, the concept of “uniform dressing” are being reapplied to jeans, tees, and white sneakers, like the designers are presenting us the military uniform, thus we saw some military jackets in the latest fashion shows. It’s been influencing fashion at least since the ’60s, when John Lennon wore a M-65 and Yves Saint Laurent introduced his iconic Saharienne jacket.

The difference between the military jackets we saw this season and before is that this time they seem not inspired by modern army surplus store, but 18th-century Britain and France military uniform. They are crisp, strong-shouldered, and often decorated with rope trim, brass buttons, epaulettes, and a few modern add-ons like crystals and bows. What we can see from the fashion shows lately is that military jackets are really gonna be a big outerwear trend this fall.

Bejeweled military jackets were paired with silk track bottoms at Dolce & Gabbana.


A luxe fur-trimmed military jacket was matched with jeans at Roberto Cavalli.


The military jacket was layered over a glittering party dress at Burberry.


National-color strong-shouldered military jacket from Marc Jacobs’s Spring ’16 collection.


John Galliano’s military jacket was paired with silk cropped wide-leg pants.


Haider Ackermann’s utilitarian military jacket.


Also there are some simple designed military jackets like these two for you to wear as autumn outerwear:




FASHION GUIDE: Lace in Fashion


Did you know that lace used to be exclusively worn by men when it was first invented? It is said to have appeared during the 16th century, though its birthplace is unclear and proclaimed by many countries in Europe, Belgium and Italy amongst others; however, what we know for a certainty is that this new difficult and precious sewing technic was used to adorn men’s clothing and for women only a century later. It was made exclusively for women’s clothing by Napoleon 1st, in the 19th century, to define itself as a symbol of femininity and grace due to its meticulous and delicate nature.

lace-romance-2As time passed and lace became more accessible, it nonetheless conserved its romantic and precious label that we can all appreciate today. Modern designers believe lace is the visual representation of delicate fragrance notes of perfume on clothes.lace-romance-3
There’s no time not to embrace lace, especially after this romantic fabric was seen all over the runway during fashion weeks, like Alberta Ferretti, Dior, Burberry Prorsum, and Balenciaga (from left to right). For just a touch, you can accessorize it with a pretty slip-on espadrilles or a shoulder bag. Also it can take on the trend completely as such a delicate material in tops, dresses, and even your swimsuit. Here are some of the hottest lace dresses from FashionMia collection, come embrace this romantic fabric and find yourself a perfect lace dress.lace-romance-4

Choose Your V-neck Clothes: Find Your Way to Elegance


Along with dresses getting shorter, boat necks, square necks, mandarin collars and shallow V-necks roared across the horizon as fashionable necklines. So how did the deep V-neck, which frequently enlightens today’s fashion shows appear in our wardrobe? Let’s go back to the 30s, when the neckline started changing discretely. Designers changed the shape of the neckline into a “V” shape, thus its name, and put a “false vest” underneath, giving the illusion of a 2-layer garment, creating a new pattern. It became widely popular and globally accepted for its teasing nature. Today, in our modern times, a V-neck is a sexy style par excellence. Showing more flesh is definitely the way to go and V-necks are getting deeper! Follow the trend!


Guide to top brands


In its 2016 fashion show, the V’s came out on top, in deep navy blue to show the unique noble position that only Chanel possesses.


In the Summer and Spring selection of 2016, Gucci’s V-necks are decorated with a parrot or vivid element and a contrast in colors, attracting people’s eyes to this audacious neckline. Designers have the ability and gift to change deep V-necks into elegant and distinguished styles, don’t they?


Can you feel a strong ethnic flavor emanating from Valentina’s V-neck chiffon dress? This fishbone necklace is a nice touch for a more original and wild style, right?

Choosing which V-neck suits you: find your way to elegance

The design of a V-neck makes your face and neck more slender. It will make your facial contour appear softer and your neck longer.

Deep-V necks are tricky to wear when you already have generous breasts: make sure to wear the invisible right bra that lifts and centers them.

TIP: use body adhesive tape to stick the material to your skin around the décolleté to avoid showing more than you want!