Dressing Code of Cute Dresses for Petite Girls in Summer

For petite girls, it is a big problem that how to make themselves look taller and slimmer, especially in hot summer. When summer comes, girls want to try their cute dresses on, but what are the best and fittest dresses for women? And what’s the dressing code for petite girls? Today i will introduce you a few dressing techniques and some basic dressing rules for petite girls.

1. Length of Cute Dresses Matters

The best length of cute dresses is that their bottom hemline is somewhere 15 centimeters above knees. For petite girls, they have two smart options, either to go short enough to show their knees or either to be long enough to cover their ankles. But either way, don’t forget to choose a proper high heels to go with.

2. It Has to Be High Waist

High waistline has been emphasized all the time because waistline basically stands for where your lower body begins. And there is a true principle that the shorter you upper body seems to be and longer your lower body seems to be, the taller you look. Therefore, high waist cute dresses for women are must haves for petite girls. They can modify body proportion and stretch legs visually.

3. H-Line Is Better than A-Line

Petite girls can wear long cute dresses as well, and all they need is to pay more attention to the selection of shapes of dresses for women. For them H-line is better than A-line because H-line dresses have the extending effect visually, and they don’t cut people into two parts but more like a complete rectangle whose straight lines extend the length of people’s body in a vision system.

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