Fall Light Coats Are Necessary in Fall Supermodel KK Is Beautiful in Them

The clothes worn between fall and winter should be light and thin. Below are some tips from supermodel Karlie Kloss’ fall light coat in the early fall. If you can choose the simple and practical item and know some collocation tips, you will be attractive.

The Supermodel Also Likes One for All–Lightweight Dust Coat

Fall light coats are very suitable to wear in a windy day. Supermodel Karlie Kloss who with long legs has been wearing the same green dust cost for a few days.

Spring Light Coat -1

Lapel Removable Tie Pocket Vented Wrap Trench Coat

Lapel Removable Tie Pocket Vented Wrap Trench Coat

Dust coats with lightweight do not put focus on the straight profile shape. These fall light outerwears are very comfortable and have full of energy. And white T-shirt and denim skirts are both the chic clothes with higher cost performance which are girls can spend little money to get. When they are matched with a pair of white shoes, the whole look of you will be perfect.

Spring Light Coat -2

When the weather is a bit colder, you can put on a little black dress in a Fall light outfit. However, you should pay attention to the detail when you make even the simplest collocation. The length of the black dress must be short than the coat. Only by wearing like this, your legs will seem longer.

Lapel Slit Pockets Plain Duster Woolen Coat

Lapel Slit Pockets Plain Duster Woolen Coat

Prevent from the Sun & Show Your Beautiful Legs–Fall Light Coats+ Light Dresses

Compared to the lightweight of a dust coat, fall light coat+dresses are more suitable for the lazy girls.

Spring Light Coat -3

The winter is coming soon. The long dresses will play a very important position. If you want to be gorgeous, you should learn from KK. Like her, you can undo a few buttons of the dress on the thigh vent.  By wearing this kind of light coat,  you can show your beautiful legs and make a nice figure visually.

Spring Light Coat -4

Knitwear, this fall light coat is also the best item to match long dresses and if the two clothes are in the same color system, you will look thinner than you really are. The girls with beautiful legs can never miss this style.

To Wear What to Follow the Fashion to Go Out–Sports Tights

The every look of Karlie Kloss when she is going to do sports are all beautiful. Sports tights are her favorite item. When these kind of fall light coats are matched with hoodies and sunglasses from famous brands, they are no less than any other item.

Spring Light Coat -5

Spring Light Coat -6

The see-through floral-print tights are suitable to match with pure color fall light coats.



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