Hot Fashion Tops Style, Do U Catch the Trend ?

Bow blouses are one of the most popular fashion tops in every girls’ wardrobe in 80s. And now women are wearing them again. However, this blouse style has more than evolved and become much more feminine. The bow in the front is tied in a relaxed manner, like a loose necktie. This creates an easier look. Pink chiffon look girly and cute. It draws attention to your shoulders, which add some sexy style in your whole look.

There are different designs on the blouse. Besides the bow around the neck, there is also another popular one: lace-up trendy tops. The lace-up trend is somewhat alluring and sexy. With the chiffon material, the style is bohemian or even preppy. Deep V-neck draws attention to your bone collar which is sexy and attractive.

There is one stand-out women’s top that we remember more than any other item this year, it’s the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are the perfect layering piece. They keep you warm when it’s chilly outside and look better left unzipped. The right bomber jacket can work as a layering piece that looks right with the rest of your outfit while also looking good as just a jacket. Go casual with a black bomber and destroyed denim, chic and cool.

There is a bomber jacket in every color of the rainbow. If you’re going to invest in a bomber jacket, decide what exactly you want it for. You can get a neutral color, like black, gray, or even a muted green, that you can wear daily as your primary outerwear. You could also purchase your bomber jacket in a flashy color, like this silver one, as a statement girl’s fashion top. It’s very appropriate to use your bomber as a way of dressing down. You can even rock it with a feminine dress for a cool vibe.


T Shirts for Women – an Essential Part of Any Timeless Wardrobe

There are a few timeless pieces that have survived throughout all fashion trends. T shirts for women are the one. It can be worn in so many fashionable ways giving us boundless opportunities.

Graphic t-shirts seem to be the best T shirts for a youthful and funny look. This is where you can really show your personality. You can pair it with jeans and sneakers to create a casual look. Also, you can match it with a mini-skirt to be girly.

Stripes are those oldest and most tricky means to use for fashion tops. They have always been in fashion and will certainly have a long life ahead. Strips are, indeed, very simple, classical, and ladylike and fit almost everyone. Striped cute T shirts are an essential part of any timeless wardrobe, but they can still feel fresh, modern and new.

Solid color T-shirt can be seen everywhere. Nothing says simple elegance like a classic white shirt. The white t-shirt is one of those classic pieces that should be found in everyone’s wardrobe. Besides being comfy, it works with everything and anything, and for any occasion. Be sure that you know your shape and find a cheap T shirts online.

The over-sized tops are inspires by sports. It usually has very bold prints on it. It can be worn as dresses or even belted at the waist. You can keep it solo or style with your favorite jeans or leggings. This T shirt for women is a casual and comfortable street look.

Women’s Shift Dresses for Building a Classic Wardrobe

Stripes are those oldest and most tricky means to use for fashion tops. They have always been in fashion and will certainly have a long life ahead. Strips are, indeed, very simple, classical, and ladylike and fit almost everyone. If it is an over-sized one, it turns into a women’s shift dress. Pair it with a pair of boots or a simple flats, it’s young and chic.

The classic shift dress is extremely versatile outfit. It is a wardrobe staple, because it is great for weekend, work or cocktail wear. Best of all, the straight fit looks great on almost any body type. For full-coverage choose a looser fit, and for a glam look, go as tight as you dare. And this black one is a formal shift dress. With special design around the wrist, the whole look is elegant and beautiful.

Embroidery trend is one of the most popular and oldest trends in fashion and is equally loved and appreciated by people both on the ramp and on the streets as well. If you are a little shy to adopt big and bold statements in embroidery, then wear it in a subtle manner. This can be achieved by wearing this formal shift dress that has a very little embroidery around the waist, which will show off your curve and make you slim.

Linen is a very popular, versatile fabric that never goes out of style. This natural fabric is known for its comfort. It allows the body to breathe, and so linen is especially popular in warm climates. And a plum blossom printed in the front for this women’s shift dress adds some Chinese style. Asymmetrical hems is blowy and unique.

Trendy Tops in Winter Help You Create a Stylish and Comfortable Look

Sweater is the wardrobe essentials – timeless and can’t-live-without styles in solid neutrals that cover your major daily activities in fall and winter. Crew-necks are practical when worn underneath a sweater for layering and for staying warm in the cold. And this fashion top with print on it is a very good piece at Christmas.

Every woman has their own characteristic facial features and body shapes, and when it comes to choosing trendy tops, it’s the neckline that is likely to make all the difference between a look that flatters your figure and face, and one that accentuates your less-than-perfect parts. Boat-necks draw the eye out to your shoulders so you appear more balanced and proportioned.White color is easy to go with your outerwear.

Waistcoat is not only man’s choice. The long waistcoat for women is a very hot trendy top this year. It is a special piece in winter. You can wear it outside with a blouse and also wear it inside your outerwear to keep warm, which create a modern layer. The long deep V-neck can make you look taller and show off your neckline. The whole look adds some handsome feeling, chic and cool.

A good bomber is a mix between just the right amount of tomboy and street-wear styles, both of which are finding their way into women fashion right now. Bomber jackets are a great way to dress down and give a too-girly outfit a bit of an edge. This women’s top is sporty and sexy. You can wear it super-over-sized with a slinky dress, or with a pair of shredded jeans. They’re also really, really comfortable which is always a win.

Simple and Classical Fashion Tops with Stripes Give You a Youthful Look

Stripes are those oldest and most tricky means to use for fashion tops. They have always been in fashion and will certainly have a long life ahead. Strips are, indeed, very simple, classical, and ladylike and fit almost everyone. Striped fashion tops are an essential part of any timeless wardrobe, but they can still feel fresh, modern and new.

For example, vertical stripes are great for petite women and those with more curvy figures as they elongate the body and draw the eye up and down, rather than side-to-side. Trendy tops like striped blouse is so cool. You can tie it up to show off your tiny waist and also unbutton to draw attention to your sexy collarbone.

If a simple navy-and-white striped women’s tops feel too basic for you, branch out into new colors and patterns. Multi-color stripes can be tough to pull off, so try just one piece at a time, worn with easy dark denim jeans, a black pencil skirt or under your favorite neutral coat. This is a versatile and easy to wear piece what can be incorporated with any outfit. No matter if it’s tight, loose, tank top or long-sleeved.

Stripes can be intimidating. Some people fear that horizontal stripes make you look wider. That is not true since the one-piece women’s top have been all over the street and beach. Black and white women’s tops are classic, but don’t be afraid of other combinations. A tight striped dress looks instantly more casual when you add sneakers and a denim jacket. The whole look is chic and youthful.


If You Don’t Know What to Wear, Light-colored Fashion Outerwear Is Here for You


In cold days, surely bright-colored fashion outerwear can be very eye-catching while light colors also have their charms. Among these colors, gray and light tan are the most classic colors. Both of them represent elegance and grace, thus survived in the development of fashion industry. And if you have no idea of what to wear these days, gray and light tan women’s outerwear is a very good choice.


1. Light Tan Fashion Outerwear

Light tan has its magic to improve the level of fashion products. Also, it can strengthen the feminine charm for women. Light tan women’s outerwear enables you an elegant and gentle look. Sometimes it may be a little bit vintage, but you can choose some bright colors and shinning elements to match with.

Light tan fashion outerwear actually has a wide range. It includes light tan coats which is most popular, and sweaters, dresses, pants and boots. If you want to make a perfect match, you can pick either light colors to build up elegance or dark colors and shinning staff to make a strong contrast so as to create a modern stylish image.


2. Gray Fashion Outerwear

Besides light tan, there comes gray. It has identical functions with light tan, and it helps you keep in low profile. In cold days, a gray coat reveals your elegance and intellectual charms. Except coats, gray hoodies and pants also have the same magical power. Anyway, light tan and gray fashion outerwear are really one of the most worthy fashion women’s outerwear to get. If you are confused of what to wear in this season, then light tan and gray fashion outerwear are highly recommended.

How to Be Stylish and Different from Others When Wearing Cute Sweaters

The year of 2017 comes while cold weather stays. Therefore, it is time to put on women’s sweaters to keep yourselves warm. However, for fashion-driven girls, how can be stylish and different from others when wearing cute sweaters? So i am here to introduce you some cute women’s sweaters.

1. Bright-colored Women’s Sweaters

Bright-colored women’s sweaters not only makes you look good but feel good as well. Bright colors do bring you good mood. And bright-colored sweaters can be seen on fashion shows very often last year. Of all bright colors, red and green are highly recommended.

Red is the color that can cheer you up in cold days, and it also builds up a sense of fashion for you. According to Pantone the authority on color, greenery is the color of 2017, for it symbolizes new beginnings. So in the beginning of the year 2017, it is a good choice to get some green cute sweaters to give yourselves a new refreshing and revitalizing look.

Besides, pink and ginger are good choices for bright-colored sweaters. In a word, either as inside clothes or wearing on the outside, bright-colored women’s sweaters are always eye-catching and gorgeous in the crowd.


2. Vintage Women’s Sweaters with Thick Needle Knitting

Do you remember those cute thick needle knit sweaters you wore when you are still a kid? Now here comes this fashion trend of vintage women’s sweaters with thick needle knitting, so lots of fashion brands have produced their vintage sweaters this year.

Vintage cute sweaters seem to have more stereoscopic feeling than other types of women’s sweaters. A plain thick needle sweater can go with a pair of blue jeans, which looks simple but fresh. Or you can choose a short leather skirt and a pair of boots to match with.


3. Special Short-sleeved Women’s Sweaters

Apart from the two regular types of sweaters, there is special short-sleeved women’s sweaters. You may want to give it a try for a long time but don’t know how. Actually a long-sleeved plain women’s shirt can be very suitable to match with.

Above all the recommendations, you can make a best choice for yourself. In the new year, you should get yourself some women’s sweaters and build a new image. It can start with a new cute sweater.

Are You Catching Up with the Latest Trend of Girl’s Fashion Tops in 2017

The year of 2017 has come and fashion industry has met its new trends and changes. Today i will introduce you the latest fashion trend in 2017, which is specific in girl’s fashion tops and their match tips.


1. Oversize Trendy Tops with Small Bags

Oversize women’s tops have been popular for a few years. In this season, they are still adored by fashion lovers but the difference is one more little bag. It may not be that useful but does give these tops a new life. It looks so lovely that you can’t help to get one for yourself.

Although it seems way too tiny, it captures people’s attention. And your fashion tops can be plain and simple, but do remember to take a small bag with you. Small as it is, it makes you totally distinctive from others. It actually is more of a decoration, a beautiful touch that highlights your whole outlook involving the trendy tops.


2. Fashion Tops with Animal Print

If you get tired of stripes and plaid, then you may be interested in animal print which is a very popular fashion element in this season. It can be abstract animal pattern or delicate animal embroidery when it comes to girl’s fashion tops.

Of all animal patterns, tiger, leopard and other raptor are more often to be seen. With a bright-colored background, girl’s fashion tops turn to be more interesting and creative.


3. Trendy Girl’s Fashion Tops in Sport Style

Since body building is still a hot topic around the world, sport style can not be missed. Trendy girl’s fashion tops in sport style do not mean that you have to wear sport outfit from top to bottom. You can just put on a fashion women’s top that fits in sport style and pick up a pair of jeans to go with it.

Yellow Fashion Tops: Different ways to brighten up the winter months

Many girls have been tired of wearing black and gray in winter. It’s a woman’s weapon to fight the onset of winter. Wearing Yellow Fashion Tops is just such a beautiful moment in the dreary wintertime, which is sunny and bright. The fresh colors let you temporarily forget the tedious winter and make you a happy sunny girl! Here are a few tips to brighten up your wardrobe.

Yellow trendy tops can lift your spirits just by looking at it, so why not find a way to wear it during the coldest months of the year? Over-sized trendy tops are so hot this year. And the yellow tops can make you stands out in the crowd. Yellow looks best in the winter with darker color combinations. The whole look is bright and young.

Ginger highlights a girl’s elegance, tender and intellectuality. Now important thing is how you style them with other outfits to make them look glamorous and which long women’s tops are in fashion these days . When ginger met gray, it breaks the depressing cadence while bringing us a fashionable sense, making us refreshing.

Big fur collar is a must have piece in the cold winter. It will keep you warm in the coldest months of the year. A classic A-line silhouette can make you slim and tall. You can create a more sophisticated and elegant look. With these women’s tops in your closet, you’ll never go wrong and never find yourself without anything to wear.


How to Wear Women’s Shift Dresses to Keep Warm and Chic in the Wintertime

Dresses are every girl’s favor in their wardrobe. Just because it’s freezing cold outside doesn’t mean you have to hide all of your women’s shift dresses away until the temperature goes up. Flower print is so hot this winter. This dress has red unique buttons. With some blue flower print, the dress is quite special and elegant.

This women’s shift dress is quilted. Similar colors and flower prints make it so beautiful. Big round collar can show off your collar bone and stress your neckline. This dress is relatively thick. So it is a good choice you keep warm in winter. It has the potential to look really adorable and stylish!

This women’s shift dress seems like a summer’s dress. It can be worn even in the middle of the winter, and all it takes to make them cozy enough is a little bit of layering knowledge. In order to make dresses appropriate for winter, you have to have some fashion basics: leggings, tights, boots, thick socks, cardigans, and scarves. You want to look cute, but you also don’t want to freeze your butt off.

Bright yellow brings a piece spring to the cold air. This type of cut draws attention to the waist line and is flattering on sexy body shape. Contrast color can make you stand out in the crowd. If you have a dinner party, this formal shift dress with a sweater chain will be a perfect choice. A patterned cardigan over a solid-colored shift dress can make you more on trend while still remaining comfortable.