Cool Hoodies for Women Key Piece in Your Closet

Cool hoodies for women are modern day closet basic cover-up. It’s like owning a plain white or black T-shirt or slim fit jeans. These are the kind of items you know are in your closet, the must-haves. we rounded up the best recent looks to illustrate different looks.

Along with sneakers and leggings, cute women’s hoodies are a key piece needed to achieve that free and fun look. But that’s not to say that hoodies are only useful when it comes to that very specific sport aesthetic. Stylish women are getting very creative with their hoodies, even putting together outfits that are suitable for the office and date night.

While a hoodie may not fly at the most conservative offices, at those where the dress code isn’t quite as strict but you still want to look professional, pair your cute hoodie with polished, structured pieces, such as layered under a blazer, with menswear-inspired trousers or a sleek pair of velvet heels.

A fashion hoodie can take your outfit to another vibe with the right pieces. Try layering it over a slip dress or under a suit or leather jacket. Throw on a pair of sneakers to dress it up even more.