Grey and Pink is Very In this Year

Gray is a common neutral color that does not have to be boring. It is an incredibly versatile color that you can wear in many different ways. And gray and pink creates a soft romantic and classical look which is so popular this year.

Pink is a great color for a knitted cute sweaters that you could combine with both your pants and skirts. This pink vertical striped sweater and gray A-line skirt make a youthful and girlie look. The two colors are low key, but contrast nicely against each other, creating a subtly romantic vibe.

Trench coat is always a wardrobe essential. if you are tired of black and khaki, this pink one on fashionmia is a nice option. Pair it with a gray smoking pants, it’s a chic and elegant business look.

This gray blouse on fashionmia goes well with the pink trench womens coats. And also you can wear on its own. The exquisite design on the collar is elegant and feminine. Bell sleeve gives your style movement and a touch of retro.

This bow-knot pink bag on fashionmia is such an eye-catching item. Keep in mind that this brighter, bolder color will always pair well with neutrals. Try wearing a classic overcoat with this statement-making bag.

Recommendations of Several Perfect Outfits to Go with Your White Shoes

Compared with these fancy clothes on show stage, maybe you prefer something simpler and more comfortable and casual. Concise and refreshing outfits are always your first choice. In this case, white shoes can be one of must haves in your wardrobe. Actually they are so versatile and you can match them with so many fashion items that you may not think of before. According to Fashionmia trends, i am going to recommend you several items and some match tips about things to go with white shoes.

First to recommend is knitted dresses and long coats. To be specific, a dark colored long trench coats and a light colored dress with the bottom hemline at your knees would be perfect. They look effortless elegant and cool, and also make you feel comfortable. What a wonderful autumn outfit to wear.

Long dresses with splits are worthy to try as well. When you wear long dresses and white sneakers, you look not only elegant and sweet, but also cool and street, absolutely charming in your own style. And this type of outfit is strongly suggested by Fashionmia trends.

Besides, you are free to try all the other things out with a pair of white shoes. There are skater dresses, floral jumpsuits, bomber jackets and jeans, mini skirts, oversize shirt dresses, etc, all of which are waiting for you to explore and eventually you will find some that fits you best.

Actually, you can start to match almost every fashion items with white shoes. You may get some inspirations from cover girls or some stylish street snaps, or find some tips from Fashionmia trends. Or you can just try them out according to your own ideas.

Versatile and Gorgeous Fashion Items You Don’t Wanna Miss in This Summer

Faced with so many fashion items and various clothes in the market, people can easily get confused of what is the best to choose, what fit themselves most and how to match the selected clothes in a proper and beautiful way on earth. To help you out, today Fashionmia have summarized and will introduce you versatile and gorgeous fashion items you don’t wanna miss in this summer.

First one is plaid dresses. If you want to present an elegant and refreshing style, then a plaid dress is your best choice. And in this summer, plaids are getting popular again in fashion industry. Simply matched with hats, sunglasses and small bags, plaid dresses will help you create perfect casual but sweet holiday outlooks.

Besides, stripes is a popular element in this summer as well, especially the vertical stripes. Striped shirts are so versatile that they can go with almost everything and even can be worn alone. For instance, striped shirt dresses are really popular in this season and you must have seen it on streets.

For women’s clothing, falbala is always a classic element. In this summer, it is not exceptional. This time what Fashionmia strongly suggests is flouncing tops. Women’s tops with falbala decorated usually look sweeter and cuter. And going with only blue jeans, they seem to be quite beautiful in a natural way.

Except all above recommendations, off shoulder dresses and pencil skirts are the kind of things you can not miss in summertime. They are one of the best fashion items that are able to show women’s feminine charm and sexy curves. Hopefully all the things Fashionmia have recommended are helpful for you.

There Are So Much You Need to Know about Stripes in This Summer

Do you know what is the latest fashion trend in this summer? It is not strange to you actually, and everyone has seen it on people’s daily wear. That is stripes. It does not have complex colors mostly and exaggerated structure, only simple combinations. But fashion geniuses have taken good advantage of it, merging it with oversize shirts, pants, suits and dresses,etc. According to Fashionmia, in this summer these striped clothes are getting more and more popular.

Of all striped apparel, striped shirts and shirt dresses are the most common and loved ones, of which vertical-striped and pinstriped clothes are mostly popular in this summer. There are vertical striped shirts, suits, pants and dresses, most of which are in monochrome fashion, especially in white and black or blue and white. These are the most versatile ones and you’d better match them with plain clothes for too much patterns and colors will distract people’s attention and tend to look loud and messy. Therefore, Fashionmia suggests that you can start trying them out from the most basic ones.

Based on your own preferences, you are free to choose various and distinctive striped clothes which vary in styles, tailoring and other details. Whatever which types you choose, you have to remember to make contrasts and create style dichotomy, thus making your whole look more stylish and chic.

There are so many striped clothes online, and surely you can find some that are the fittest for you. It is time to pick up some trendy striped wear on Fashionmia and make special collocations out of them.

Learn about the Hollow out and Catch up with the Latest Fashion Trends

As one of the fashion elements, hollow-out is always loved by fashion designers, therefore there are so much hollow out clothing. But what’s new this year? Today Fashionmia will tell you the latest fashion trends about the hollow-outs.


1. Hollow Out Lace Dresses

The hollow out and lace are always good combinations. Once you put on a hollow out lace dress, there is nothing but sexy body and attractive curves. If girls don’t know what to wear for dates, then try this on and surprise your date.


2. Hollow Out T-shirts

It is pretty sure that you already have a lot of T-shirts in your wardrobe, but maybe you still need a hollow out T-shirt. Actually clothing clashing is quite often happening when people are topped by T-shirts because there are too many similar T-shirts being sold. In this case, hollow out T-shirts are a good choice to distinct you from the crowd. And you can choose some well-designed hollow outs in light colors, which may help you find the unexpected beauty that you have not found before.


3. Hollow Out Knitted T-shirts

Of all hollow out T-shirts, knitted T-shirts are the special ones. They tend to be more sexy and refreshing. Its design is quite creative and exquisite. Therefore, they can be great choices for summer’s wear if you never try them before. And they are highly recommended by Fashionmia.

After learning about the hollow outs and Fashionmia’s recommendations, sure you have some ideas of how to choose hollow out clothing in summertime, so hurry up and try them on by yourself.

How Many Revitalizing Colors Can Picture the Beauty of Spring

Spring fashion is smelt on the streets, where dark and cool colors are refused but refreshing and revitalizing colors are welcomed. The fashion lovers are actually wearing rainbow colors. However, how many colors can exactly picture the beauty of spring and what are the most classic and popular colors in the spring? Today Fashionmia is going to introduce you the colors of the spring and some fashion tips to light up your spring outlooks.

1. Green







Green is the most representative color of the spring. Whatever it is greenery or olive, everything in green has the spring fashion taste. It is quite refreshing and revitalizing, just like the season, the beginning of a new year. Green coat and bomber jacket is highly recommended.


2. Pink







Pink is always popular among girls. It has the power to give everything a gentle and sweet touch. Either in bright pink or nude pink, people wearing pink become gentler and more elegant, like flowers in their early blossom. So Fashionmia suggests that buy you several pieces of pink clothing, because it will not be out-dated in a long time.


3. Flame Scarlet

Flame scarlet is one of the Pantone colors of 2017. It is comprised of strong classics colors complemented by a few unpredictable shades. And in different combinations, it can bring you eye-arresting vision and create unexpected color dichotomy. In this spring, trench coats, dresses and hoodies in flame scarlet are all very good choices.

After Fashionmia’s introduction and recommendations, hopefully you can find more wonderful clothes and start your revolution of colors in the spring.

Figuring Out the Right Dress Code Does Help You Lose Weight

If you are paying attention to clothes matching, you realize that different clothes and different matching can change a person’s look completely. And there are approaches that can make people look slimmer through dressing up. Today Fashionmia will introduce you several fashion products and relevant matching tips of how to figure out the right dress code that helps you lose weight.

1.Long Blazers

A loose long blazer is a very clever choice for girls who are not so confident of their body shape. The proper length is that it can cover your butt. It is so ideal that can hide the imperfections of your upper body. With tailored pants and high heels, it would be the perfect match. In this way, you will be ten pounds lighter visually.

2.Fashion Corset

Regular belt is kind of old-fashioned, while fashion corset is getting popular these days. Fashionmia recommends you the different fashion corsets in different colors, materials and styles. Compared to the belts, corsets enable you look slimmer and create better proportion, and show your good taste as well.

3.Wade-legged Pants

Wade-legged pants are another items helping you create a better image, especially these with belts on. They can highlight your waist in a natural way and they are so catchy and stylish that improve your fashion level. With different thighs, you will be so distinctive in the crowd. Except those items that Fashionmia recommends, there are also other ways to dress you up in an elegant and slimming style. Hopefully this article can help you figure out the right dress code.

How to Create Your Own Chic Office Lady Look but in an Unnoticeable Way

For office ladies, it has always been a question that how to create your own chic look for work but not too eye-catching. Today Fashionmia is going to introduce you some fashion items that may help.

1.Long Blazers

Long blazers are so helpful for those who do not know what to wear or spend too much time on clothes. Actually they are basic items for work, or in other words, must haves. To create your own style, you can wear simple T-shirts inside the blazers and pick some loose jeans and ankle boots to match with. In that way, your half-formal, half-casual style is already better than others’.

2.Lace-up Trench Coats

Trench coats is classic in fashion industry, and also essential to office ladies. This is not new to women, however, today Fashionmia’s suggestion is to choose the lace-up ones. And you can tie up the belt in the front or on the back, or even on the side of your waist, all of which will look good. In these days, pajama-like trench coats are very popular, so you can take out your Kimono jackets and take advantage of them. With one more lace-up trench coat, everything will be different.

3.Striped Blouses

Stylish striped blouses can not be missed for office ladies, they are the best fashion items for work. Although it is restricted in striped blouses, there are still so many choices left for you. You can pick different colors, stripes, materials and design. With various matches, each striped shirt can bring you different looks and styles. Except the recommendations Fashionmia introduces, you can still find more fashion items that interest you.

Wonderful Coats and Shirts Bring You New Ideas for Spring Fashion Match

It seems like that the change of season means that you have to renew or update your wardrobe, but it is not necessarily true. All the clothes that you love to wear in last season actually can still be used, especially in spring. As long as you have some basic fashion items, you can make the best use of it to create gorgeous spring fashion matches. Today Fashionmia will introduce some match tips for you.

1. Long Trench Coats

Trench coats are definitely must-haves for girls, because it is so versatile to almost every fashion items in every season. They are not only classic on show stage but popular in people’s life. For spring wear, you can pick some refreshing bright or light colors and then match them with unexpected colors to create an eye-catching color dichotomy and strong style.


2. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are getting more and more popular now. They look cool but casual and very easy to build your own fashion style. With simple shirts or dresses, they are able to make you look taller and bring you a chic street fashion. Among all the colors, olive is the most classic and popular one. Olive bomber jacket is so versatile that it can go with everything and look cool and beautiful, thus it is highly recommended by Fashionmia.


3. Denim Jackets

You can’t forget denim jackets in your wardrobe. They are so classic and being popular for a very long time and it will still be in years. Although they may look simple and plain, coupling with other fashion products, they will make you pop out in the crowd. When they go with dresses, they can build an elegant and casual image, but when they go with pants or jeans, they bring you a cool and unrestrained outlook.

We hope you are interested in all the fashion products that Fashionmia introduced, and the match tips are really helpful to you.

How to Catch the Latest Fashion Trend? Plaids Is the Answer

Every girl must have the fashion items that always lie in their wardrobe so quietly that you may forget them. However, when you do not know what to wear, they occur to you in the first place and it’s always right and beautiful to wear them. Today Fashionmia is going to share this kind of fashion products, which is plaid clothes, including plaid shirts, suits, trench coats and pants.

1.Plaid Suits

To show women’s calm and intellectual side, oversize vintage suits are back to the fashion stage, especially the plaid ones. Plaid suits are always the bet choice for fashion lovers who pursue the high-end fashion because they usually have understated colors and excellent fabrics. Fashionmia suggests that good tailoring is the most important thing you should consider when you pick up plaid suits.

2.Trench Coats with Plaids

Are you getting tired of these black trench coats that almost everyone owns one? And you think that wearing the colorful pattern-stitching coats is too risky, then it’s time to put on your plaid trench coats, which are really elegant and comfortable. What’s better is that they can go with different things, like high-neck sweaters, cardigans, shirts, etc. Compared to other fashion items, plaid trench coats are not only capable of keeping you warm but show your good taste in fashion.

3.Plaid Pants

The last one that Fashionmia recommend is plaid pants. If you like retro style a lot, you can not miss wade-legged plaid pants, which can make perfect match with plaid blazers. Also, they can go with plain shirts, sweaters and short jackets and so on.