FASHION GUIDE: Lace in Fashion


Did you know that lace used to be exclusively worn by men when it was first invented? It is said to have appeared during the 16th century, though its birthplace is unclear and proclaimed by many countries in Europe, Belgium and Italy amongst others; however, what we know for a certainty is that this new difficult and precious sewing technic was used to adorn men’s clothing and for women only a century later. It was made exclusively for women’s clothing by Napoleon 1st, in the 19th century, to define itself as a symbol of femininity and grace due to its meticulous and delicate nature.

lace-romance-2As time passed and lace became more accessible, it nonetheless conserved its romantic and precious label that we can all appreciate today. Modern designers believe lace is the visual representation of delicate fragrance notes of perfume on clothes.lace-romance-3
There’s no time not to embrace lace, especially after this romantic fabric was seen all over the runway during fashion weeks, like Alberta Ferretti, Dior, Burberry Prorsum, and Balenciaga (from left to right). For just a touch, you can accessorize it with a pretty slip-on espadrilles or a shoulder bag. Also it can take on the trend completely as such a delicate material in tops, dresses, and even your swimsuit. Here are some of the hottest lace dresses from FashionMia collection, come embrace this romantic fabric and find yourself a perfect lace dress.lace-romance-4