Mommy Jeans Rise to be Fashion Trend

Origination of Name of Mommy Jeans

Why does it call mommy jeans? Just because the style of stylish mommy jeans is similar to old jeans style in 80’s and 90’s years, with high-waist, straight-leg and ankle-length. It is the representative fashion product for 80’s. The design of fashion mommy jeans stands for both relaxation of psychology and body.



Mommy Jeans Mix Scarf

A silk scarf can help you get rid of old style and create a fashion look. Baseball jacket matches a slight scarf perfectly which could be top fashion look.


Pockets Denim Jeans

Pockets Denim Jeans

Mommy Jeans Mix Ankle Boots

Maybe someone think ankle boots are not fit for trousers, but it is true that the ankle boots perfectly match fashion mommy jeans. The chunky ankle boots seem to be the best choice.


Pocket Light Wash Slim-Leg Mid-Rise Jean

Pocket Light Wash Slim-Leg Mid-Rise Jean

A Waistband Make Mommy Jeans Attractive Look

The waistband is not only functional but also making attractive match for the whole look. Straight-leg jeans are not focus on waist, so a waistband embellish the the jeans well and show the figure.


Rough Selvedge Denim Plain Jeans

Color Matching Create Vintage Mommy Jeans

People are enchanted by Vintage fashion mommy jeans not because of extravagant design but its vintage style in retro color, including mustard, scarlet and moccasin. To make comfort look, retro color should be mixed with modern design.



Pockets Denim JeansPockets Denim Jeans

Charming Items Make Perfect Look with Stylish Mommy Jeans

Mixmatching can be the best way to create good look as the temperature goes up. Stylish fashion mommy jeans fit for any tops such as V neck T-shirt and off-the-shoulder blouses.


Pockets Side Split High-Rise Straight Denim Jeans

Pockets Side Split High-Rise Straight Denim Jeans