Shirt Dress Help Your Transition From Fall to Winter

We can see there are a of classic style clothing showed up in the Fashion Week, and we’d like to propose that a crisp white button-down polished shirt dress. The traditional style was one of the favorite fashion icons, like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. You can easily dress it up or layer it over a pair of pants or turtleneck to make a great item for season transition.

We can see from the Spring 2016 collections that designers put their own creative spin on the shirt dress by injecting interesting details. At Céline (see above, left), the brand’s designer Phoebe Philo added edginess with metal zippers and puffy sleeves, while Cédric Charlier (see above, middle) kept things simple with an oversized option And at 3.1 Phillip Lim (see above, right), the designer created texture with extra layers of fabric. So with warmer temperatures on the horizon. Now it’s time you invest in your own shirt dress.

Asymmetrical Hems Trendy Shirt Dress

Pockets Chic Polo Collar Shirt Dress

Striped Pockets Designed Shirt Dress

Plaid Asymmetrical Hems Designed Shirt Dress