There Are So Much You Need to Know about Stripes in This Summer

Do you know what is the latest fashion trend in this summer? It is not strange to you actually, and everyone has seen it on people’s daily wear. That is stripes. It does not have complex colors mostly and exaggerated structure, only simple combinations. But fashion geniuses have taken good advantage of it, merging it with oversize shirts, pants, suits and dresses,etc. According to Fashionmia, in this summer these striped clothes are getting more and more popular.

Of all striped apparel, striped shirts and shirt dresses are the most common and loved ones, of which vertical-striped and pinstriped clothes are mostly popular in this summer. There are vertical striped shirts, suits, pants and dresses, most of which are in monochrome fashion, especially in white and black or blue and white. These are the most versatile ones and you’d better match them with plain clothes for too much patterns and colors will distract people’s attention and tend to look loud and messy. Therefore, Fashionmia suggests that you can start trying them out from the most basic ones.

Based on your own preferences, you are free to choose various and distinctive striped clothes which vary in styles, tailoring and other details. Whatever which types you choose, you have to remember to make contrasts and create style dichotomy, thus making your whole look more stylish and chic.

There are so many striped clothes online, and surely you can find some that are the fittest for you. It is time to pick up some trendy striped wear on Fashionmia and make special collocations out of them.