4 Trendy Pants You Can’t Miss This Season

Listen up, girls! The most trendy pants of 2016 are here now, there are the hot ones from last year, like flares and wide-leg pants, still favored by a lot of people, also there are ripped jeans and all kinds of bright color pants. Come take a look to see if you can find the one most fitted you for your autumn wardrobe.


The best thing about flares is that it can make your legs look longer. Coming with a lot of fascinating retro smell, flares can make a great match with simple designed blouse and jacket, then you are ready to go to work.

If you wanna wear high heels but don’t like anyone to see the heels, this is where flares come to rescue you, they can totally hide the heels so that people won’t know your actual height. The romantic floral printed cape and blouse paired with the flares is showing great taste.

Wide-Leg Pants

One of our favorite trends to come out of the autumn collections this year is the wide-leg pants. It’s tailored, classic, but boasts a silhouette that turns heads all the same. This wide-leg cropped pants is suitable for any body types making a trendy casual look, even for the short girls (great if you choose a high-waist wide-leg pants).

For extra-wide-leg pants, the high-waist ones will be the best choice for any girls, but make sure you tuck in the top to avoid looking sloppy and to have longer legs in visual. With an exaggerated wide leg, you have total freedom of movement and lots of coverage.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are so in for the latest years. Almost every girl has a pair in their wardrobe because it makes a good basic item. Ripped jeans can makes you look more casual, more street style.

They can be matched with high heels to show some feminine charm but so much cooler with that black bag.

Bright Color Pants

Autumn is the time when everything comes to life, so we need something bright to activate our passion and get rid of long-time depression from winter. How about we try some bright color pants?

A pair bight yellow pants can bring vigor into our life in no time to embrace the autumn with us.