Victoria Beckham Teach You How To Wear A Blazer

Usually at the first few month of a year there will be a lot of people finding new jobs. Starting at a new workplace can be stressful for anyone, whether you have years of experience or are just beginning your career. Today you can watch how she wears the Victoria Beckham blazer to be a fashion superwomen in office.

Blazer can be the most compatible item with a career girl. Although Victoria Beckham is so skinny and small, whenever she wears a blazer she looks really powerful at once.

Besides the standard black blazer with white blouse, Victoria also likes all black suit like monochrome. She used different materials, like satin hem blazer and patent leather pointed toe shoes to make good layering, looking not boring any more but so much cooler.

Short blazer can lift the waist line, especially for girls who aren’t confident about their height, this item could help you make powerful presence.

Long blazer can make you look like a queen. Better wear heels with it girls.