There Are Some Classic Matches Of Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirts for You

Stripes is always a classic elements in fashion industry. After years it has developed into various styles, which can be casual, formal, sexy, sweet or cool. And that’s why it is loved by fashion lovers all the time. In summer striped long sleeve T-shirts are definitely must haves. They are so versatile and chic that you must get yourself some cheap long T-shirts for different occasions.

Blue striped long sleeve T-shirts are first to recommend. They are the most common and versatile ones. But you can still find some more possibilities of them. They are changed and developed into different styles so as to meet different requirements and individuality. The suggested match is a loose blue striped long sleeve T-shirt and a blue jeans in boy friend style, which is cool and casual in a very distinctive way.

Besides blue striped long sleeve T-shirts, white and black striped ones are classic as well. To go with them, black suit pants might be the best. They make you look professional but less formal than regular shirts. If you think that’s too serious, then black dresses with white dots on are strongly recommended.

Another one is vertical striped long sleeve T-shirts that are quite popular this year. Vertical stripes change the direction that people look at you in an obvious way. So vertical striped T-shirts can stretch your body visually. And surely there are so many different shirts that you can choose from.

If you want to try casual or street style, you can do just what you want to do with these cheap long sleeve T-shirts, for instance, to tie a knot at the bottom, or to untie a few more buttons or just to roll up sleeves.

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