Women’s Shift Dresses for Building a Classic Wardrobe

Stripes are those oldest and most tricky means to use for fashion tops. They have always been in fashion and will certainly have a long life ahead. Strips are, indeed, very simple, classical, and ladylike and fit almost everyone. If it is an over-sized one, it turns into a women’s shift dress. Pair it with a pair of boots or a simple flats, it’s young and chic.

The classic shift dress is extremely versatile outfit. It is a wardrobe staple, because it is great for weekend, work or cocktail wear. Best of all, the straight fit looks great on almost any body type. For full-coverage choose a looser fit, and for a glam look, go as tight as you dare. And this black one is a formal shift dress. With special design around the wrist, the whole look is elegant and beautiful.

Embroidery trend is one of the most popular and oldest trends in fashion and is equally loved and appreciated by people both on the ramp and on the streets as well. If you are a little shy to adopt big and bold statements in embroidery, then wear it in a subtle manner. This can be achieved by wearing this formal shift dress that has a very little embroidery around the waist, which will show off your curve and make you slim.

Linen is a very popular, versatile fabric that never goes out of style. This natural fabric is known for its comfort. It allows the body to breathe, and so linen is especially popular in warm climates. And a plum blossom printed in the front for this women’s shift dress adds some Chinese style. Asymmetrical hems is blowy and unique.

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